The survey results so far show that 2,611 Australians are taking 59,703 safe-climate actions, but we are sure there are more!

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The predictions being made by climate scientists are indeed terrifying, but what can one person do?

One person can actually do a lot - our survey contains many examples of climate-friendly things people are already doing - but we're all much more likely to join in and help if we see that "everyone else is doing it too".

There IS quite a lot of safe-climate action going on, but often it's not obvious. Perhaps you always switch off lights when they are not needed, for example, or grow your own vegies, or take public transport, or buy Green Energy, but how many people know that?

Please make your safe-climate actions visible by taking the Survey of One Person Actions.
This survey is not a test! It's all about making your actions visible. Practically everyone would already take at least some climate-friendly actions. Even if you think you don't do much, we want to add your actions to the survey results. Of course we want people who take lots of actions to take the survey too! Perhaps you've seen plenty of climate-related websites, but this one is a little different - it gives you a mechanism for telling everyone what you do.

We add together the actions taken by everyone who completes the survey, and generate national and local graphs showing the "results so far". We then publish those results as widely as we can. Those who think, "Well, I could do such-and-such, but why bother - it won't make any difference unless millions of other people do that too", might change their mind and join in and help when they see these result graphs! Around 3 million Australians use renewable energy, either rooftop solar or Green Energy. Probably many more people take the simpler and cheaper actions in the survey, but we won't know until you all take the survey and tell us.

There's a survey of Kids' Actions too. Every action, however big or small, is already contributing to our collective emissions reduction, but it potentially contributes much more if it is made visible!